AstroScope Night Vision Variable Gain Adapter Pair

AstroScope Night Vision Variable Gain Adapter Pair

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AstroScope Night Vision Variable Gain Adapter Pair

Camera Compatibility: Seamless electronic integration with Canon SLR cameras (film & digital) using EOS lenses
Image Intensifier: Exceptional-grade, interchangeable, Gen 3 PRO PINNACLE 64 lp/mm (Min) image intensifier tube specially selected for extraordinary sensitivity, resolution and contrast characteristics required for critical low-light photographic tasks
Relay Optics: Fast (approx. f/1.2) custom relay optics engineered to deliver the highest performance available for Night Vision photography
Light-Gathering Performance: 10 to 12 f/Stop improvement
Lens Mounts: Canon EOS bayonet lens mounts
Power: Host interfaced power-AstroScope draws minimal power directly from camera (sensitive image intensifier is only energized when the shutter button is depressed, protecting the unit from bright light sources)
Chassis: Rugged, compact, and versatile epoxy-coated aluminum chassis designed for use in field environments
Length: 4.9in (124 mm)
Maximum Diameter: 2.6in (66 mm)
Weight: 22.8 oz (646 g)

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